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Angel's Tree Service offers full range of tree trimming care. Our Proud tree trimming company provide our local residents and companies tree trimming costs at a friendly budget. As a small business owner we understand that good work shouldn't be driven by a "quick buck" mentality.  We Believe in a fair price for quality care, and earn a lifelong client.  We offer the Best tree trimming service in Houston TX, due to our exemplary tree trimming | pruning work over the last 18 years. Proving to have one of the Safest Tree Service Crews in the area.

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Are you looking for a local tree service company that is affordable and still have great customer service?

Angel's Tree Service provides a variety of tree trimming services in Houston TX for over 18 years for its local residents and commercial districts. If you need a tree trimmed at a low price call Ange's Tree Service today.


Benefits of tree trimming and why it's important to trim regularly

Tree trimming and pruning  thin the "crown" of the tree, which is much like a head of hair. This lightening of the crown can also reshape the top to a specific desire of the owner. Tree Trimming is often done to shorten or cut | remove specific tree limbs or branches.  Some of the Enlarged branches add to much weight on one side of the tree, or crowding sunlight. Removing these branches can redirect nutrients and sunlight to more productive areas in the lawn.

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Another Great benefit of tree trimming is how it strengthens them for stronger winds. By removing dying or broken branches, and opening up some areas for light to pass thru, the tree is able to withstand higher, and stronger winds. With the wind able to pass more freely thru the tree, the tree will have less strain. In turn, the tree has less branch breaks, and brush debris. 

Increase your PROPERTY VALUE by tree trimming regularly. Yes it has been proven when you keep a property clean and symmetrical it raises the value of that area. No one likes dirty things, especially a yard and home. A dead tree in the front of a yard could bring a irie, cold uninviting demeanor, However by removing it the home now has a open space, for your enjoyment. Or have your trees shaped to bring a more modern urban feel to your yard. These unique features that are not loud, but improve the quality of life that can increase the value of your home upwards to 15%.

Tree Trimming (crown shaping) - Much like crown reduction this form of trimming shapes the tree to fit more functional reasons. Some use this method to clear from power lines or homes. 

Tree Specific Trimming (Dead Brand Removal) - this is where we look for dead or dying branches, some that may even be showing signs of disease, and removed them. Doing this helps the tree recover faster, prevents future breaks that could damage property, and help the tree heal properly.

Inside sucker growth (removal) - Suckers are the trees attempt to grow more branches but failed. Resembling an ingrown hair, can be a sigh of tree stress. Proper pruning will eventually stop the sucker growth. We can remove or release the sucker so that the branches can grow.


Tree Skirt Trimming (crown canopy raising) - Sometimes referred to as the skirt of a the tree, due to how the lower portion of the tree's leaves look like a dress or skirt. These canopy | skirts can grow low and can be eye poking at times. To counteract this Angel's Tree Service offers a trimming service that flattens the tree bottom, to be leveled at a safe height. There is also one other benefit to canopy tree trimming, is that some lower branches, no longer absorb water, and sunlight, tend to die, left unattended they may eventually break an harm property or a person.

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Tree Crown Reduction -  (not to be confused with Topping*) but shapes the exterior brush and leaves of the tree, with either following the natural curves of the tree, or shaping it to be more uniformed and symmetrical.

This Service is not to be confused as "topping"*


*Topping the total removal of the leaf and branches of the tree leaving just a long pole looking tree. This can kill a tree, and puts it into a state of stress, We do not offer this service or recommend it.

Tree Trimming Helps the Lawn attain Needed Sun.


Reducing the crown of a tree, can open breaches in the crown allowing for some light to pass thru and supplying needed vitamins and nutrients for the soil and lower botanical life.

Angel's Tree Trimming, Tree Cutting, Pruning Services We Provide to Both our Residential and Commercial:

  • Limb Removal

  • Dead Branches Trimmed

  • Tree Cutting

  • Tree Pruning Services

  • Tree Services

  • Tree Care & Management

  • Tree Trimmed or Clipped

  • Canopy Raise, Thinned

  • Dangerous Limbs Removed

  • Shrubs Clipped, Trimmed

  • Tree Shaping, Thinning

  • Tree Beautification

  • Tree Removal Services


Crown Trimming follows the natural arch of the tree.

Benefits of 

Tree Trimming

  1. Improves Tree's Health

  2. Lets Light Pass Thru

  3. Lets Wind Pass Thru Easily

  4. Removes Weak or Broken Branches

  5. Improves The Structural Strength

  6. Improves the Property Value

  7. Makes your Lawn the Greener Side

Why should you Trim a tree?

How will I benefit from Trimming my trees?

How Expensive is it to have some trimming work done for me?

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We Have a wood chipper that we use to break down all our loose brush that we are left with after trimming a tree. This breaks the tree limbs into small shards of bark. This bark is rich in potassium and nitrogen, which can supper charge soil for botanic life. This wood chipper also compacks all the loose wood into our trailers allowing us to haul more trees in one trip Saving our clients even more money!


Angel's Tree Service Also provides yard and land, maintenance for our commercial and residential  areas in Houston TX and surrounding cities for over 18 years. For More Information book a free evaluation or call us today.

Tree Trimming Areas We Service : Bellaire, Downtown, East End, Far North, Far Northeast, Galleria-Uptown, Greater Heights, Greater Memorial, Medical, Meyerland, Midtown, Montrose, North, Northeast, Northwest, Pasadena, Rice, Rice Military, River Oaks, Southeast, Southwest, Spring Branch, Sugarland, West Houston, West University, Westchase

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