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Have a tree you need to be removed? As Experts in the industry we can be a bit hesitant to remove trees, but in many cases this becomes a necessity. Dead trees, trees that impede progress, as well as potentially dangerous trees, that could harm property or people. There quite a few valid reasons to have a tree extracted, removed and hauled away. Angel's Tree Service are trained to remove all types of trees, at a low cost, budget friendly price. 

 Not one tree is the same, some require special gear or machinery to remove a tree so there is no way to give a single price for labor, Each tree evaluation is on a case by case basis.


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Professional Tree Removal 

In Houston TX and Surrounding areas

Tree Removal - 1 or 2 tree removal services we offer to our residential communities and commercial districts. This service will remove the tree or trees and haul the debris away to a local wood mulch dispensary.

Multi Tree Removal - 3 or more trees that need to be extracted and hauled away to a local wood mulch dispensary. These Services are great for those looking to open up room in a wooded area.  These services are available for both residential and commercials areas.

Dead Tree Removal - Dead tree removals are dangerous, and could break under little stress, these trees must be removed with care and specialized tools, like cranes and bucket, and mini dozers. This is due to the issue that these trees can fall or break, splintering out causing more damage if not  handled properly.  

No Access Tree Removal -  Just like the service says  these are trees located in very narrow access to remove normally. This requires a pulley system, which we call "roping" which is the technique of using 1 or 2 ropes as a pulley system to lower pieces of the tree down bit by bit. This ensures no damage to property or scarring of the lawn.

Dangerous Tree Removal - Tree Removals that are close proximity to power lines, homes, property, driveways, and over hang on the street. Trees like this pose a POTENTIAL danger to those around it. It is bets to have the area shaped or removed so not to have unwanted fines and repair cost later. We offer affordable dangerous tree removal and extraction services in Houston TX and surrounding cities.

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Pine Tree Removal - Houston TX - Interesting fact about pine trees, they are some of the tallest trees in Houston, and most cities in Texas. A big sign for removing Pine trees are if they are dead or uprooting and leaning towards your property like your  home, driveway, or sidewalk might need to be removed so damage is prevented. Our local  pine tree removal service can get your job done fast and using the safest techniques and with a low price. 

Did you know that pines have a tap root system that very grows deep in the ground, about the same length of the tree.? This helps a pine tree to stay well sunk into the ground keeping it from falling during  most normal natural events. However extremely high winds, ice storms and hurricanes are often the kryptonite to Pine Trees as they are usually the victim, being the most common to fall over.

 Many people use Pine trees mostly for carpentry work and home building. There are all kinds of pines which vary from species like  bull pines, sand pines, southern pines and spruce pines throughout Houston TX and the surrounding communities. Don't Delay Act Now and Call Our free estimate evaluations Service, which are affordable compounded with our Amazing quality of service,  you deserve, call Angel's Tree Service!

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Palm Tree Removal - We also Have to tools and ability to remove Palm Trees Safely without any issues. Our Crane and bucket allows us to have a professional remove the palm tree in sections, lowering each safely to the ground. If you have a few palm trees you need removed call our spectacular tree service in Houston.

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Oak & Pecan Tree RemovalHouston TX - Oaks and Cedar  are examples of Hardwood in Houston TX - These Types of Trees usually have high rooting or shallow roots that are visible in the soil, and can grow wide and bushy. This causes these trees to absorb tons of sunlight blocking it from the ground below. During the summer These Trees bring that shade that is so loved,  however with out maintenance these trees can damage property, or kill out the lower botanical life, due to the roots and thick crown. 


Because the roots being so high, Long rainy season can loosen the roots from the soil and the tremendous weight of the tree tend to cause these large trees to fall over. 


Insects, vines and fungal infecting bacteria could kill the Tree, without proper care, leaving a dangerous dead tree which parts of it can fall break off and damage property. Angel's Tree Service employs Experts that are fully trained and experienced, are capable of removing all festering, snags, quickly and with out harming your property remove and haul away. we also can even remove the stump that is left from the removal if requested for a small fee.

A few reasons Why you should remove that tree stump!

Watch out for Rodents!

Yes! that's right, I said rodents, as a tree stump decays, it become brittle, easy to burrow thru, and become a nice nest egg for a rodent family. It doesn't stop there these rodents, can be potentially carrying harmful diseases, as well as their predators. Yep! that's right with rats comes snakes, copperheads and rattlesnakes. These predators feed on rodents like rats. After clearing out the stump of rodents snakes find it also a nice safe haven. We always recommend to remove a tree stump when they are brought down, however in case you have one now, let us quickly dispatch that stump, and leave a nice area for new plants or lawn.

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Stumps Roots Destroy Lawn Mower Blades!

If your not paying attention, a stump root that is exposed can wear into your lawn mower, causing blades to become unbalanced, or chipped. Other times the stump is so low that your mower just barely clears it but not the blades, breaking the shaft to the blade ruining the lawn mower. This can be frustrating and costly. Instead of worrying about this inconvenience let your local tree service provider lend a helping hand. Call Angel's Tree Service for all your stump removal needs.

Makes Room in the yard

Having a stump removed opens up new avenues for your lawn. First is the new area saturated with Mulch ( a soil and bark based soil) that is rich in nitrogen, and nutrients from the wood barks. This area is keen for new planting or for new lawn grass to grow. Second it also creates new space for a building, driveway, or whatever amazing Idea you may come up with for a home landscape project.

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Stump Removal - Angel's Tree Service offers affordable, low cost Stump removal grinding in Houston TX. We have specialized tree cutting machinery, like hydraulic based Tree Stump Grinders that rip thru tree stumps of any size like butter. Our stump grinder leaves a mulch left in the hole where the stump once was. If you have a tree Stump you need removed contact us today.

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Storm Debris and storm damage clean up.j
Land & Lot Clearing -Affordable, low cost debris removal service. We Offer budget friendly tree removal, brush removal, and debris removal for our commercial and residential clients. This service includes :
  • Tree Brush Removal and Hauling

  • Enlarged Tree Limb Removals and Hauling

  • Tree Removal and Multi Tree Removal

  • Trash and Debris Removal

We Leave the land or lot, clean and ready for construction or replanting top lawn.

No Matter The Size of the Area

Huge tree removals, small tree removals and the combination of the two, we can quickly clear the area quickly and cost efficiently. With our Years of Experience in the industry we the wisdom to know time and budget for each task we take on. This benefits both The clients pocket, and our time. Angel's Tree Service' Land & lot clearing is quickly earning the reputation of being the "go to" tree service provider in Houston TX and its surrounding communities.

Storm Debris Removal After a harsh and grooling storm like the past recent years have put home owners back thousand of dollars. Clean up is one of those expensive or time consuming | back breaking work. This is where your local tree service provider like Angel's Tree Service, we can clear up all the fallen trees, the debris, an haul it away or move it to the side of the road in a neat pile for the city to pick up. We can also trim, and prune the trees and shrubs you want to keep, leaving the land or  lot clean and ready for your new project. Low cost, affordable and competitive Angel's Tree Service hopes to be your Preferred Tree Service Provider.

24 hour emergency tree removal fallen tr
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Emergency Fallen Tree Removal Service in Houston TX


24 hour immediate fallen tree removal service provided by Angel's Tree Service, Emergency tree removal. We offer complete tree removal and damage assessment for those who have a fallen tree emergency. Our Experts have 18 years of storm relief service, dealing with every type of homeowner insurance providers. This routine has built a standard to what we record on each emergency removal for our clients benefit and help our customers get their compensation.

  • Dangerous Tree Removals

  • No Drop Point Tree Removals

  • Tree Stump Removals

  • Fallen Tree Removals

  • Sick Tree Removals

  • Dead Tree Cutting Services

  • Pine Tree Removals

  • Palm Tree Removals

  • Oak Tree Removals

  • Large & Dangerous Trees

  • Multiple Tree Cutting

  • Emergency Tree Removal

Tree Removal Areas We Service : Bellaire, Downtown, East End, Far North, Far Northeast, Galleria-Uptown, Greater Heights, Greater Memorial, Medical, Meyerland, Midtown, Montrose, North, Northeast, Northwest, Pasadena, Rice, Rice Military, River Oaks, Southeast, Southwest, Spring Branch, Sugarland, West Houston, West University, Westchase

Their correlated Zip codes: 77076,77093,77078,77091,77080,77018,77022,77093,77078,77043,77055,77008,77024,77007,77042,77063,77096,77005,77054, 77021,77087,77017,77502,77506,77029,77013,77078, 


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Why are you paying so much for tree removal? Our Tree Service company uses more efficient and job specific tree cutting machinery like, chainsaws, Bobcats and wood chippers to maximize the services we can offer at less the time. This reduction in time it takes to accomplish any tree removal, this allows for such great prices with our outstanding work.


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Assess and Evaluate

Our Tree Experts are usually first on the scene recording the damage and evaluating the work and equipment needed also while listening to the concerns of the client. Our experts will then explain what they can do and how it will help them. The crew leader then will call a crew to come in with a suggested team count, and heavy equipment like bobcats and cranes if needed.



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